Medical Writing and Grant Development

HM Healthcare Partners maintains a high standard of competence in medical writing so we may provide our clients with high-quality translational deliverables. Our medical writers are proud members of the prestigious American Medical Writers Association (AMWA). We’ve helped our clients develop high-quality deliverables and successfully secure funding of proposals in a number of therapeutic areas including:

  • allergy/immunology
  • asthma
  • atopic dermatitis
  • cardiology
  • heart failure
  • hypertension
  • dermatology
  • endocrinology
  • diabetes
  • gastroenterology
  • inflammatory bowel disease
  • genetics
  • infectious disease
  • HCV
  • neurology
  • multiple sclerosis
  • oncology
  • breast
  • CLL
  • bladder
  • colorectal
  • orthopedics
  • pain management
  • pulmonary medicine
  • pulmonary fibrosis
  • public health & prevention
  • rheumatology
  • rheumatoid arthritis

Medical Writing

Medical writing involves the careful dynamic union between scientific medical knowledge along with elements of skill, precision and careful preparation in the production of high-caliber scientific documents. Effective medical writing is brief and well organized in nature. This facet is key in communicating your clinical research ideas and findings to a target audience in a crisp and succinct manner. We have developed many original peer-reviewed scientific context for our clients in wealth of therapeutic areas. Our many years of medical writing experience sets us apart to create well-structured, unbiased documents that comply with industry standards for health care professionals.


Grantsmanship is an art form that meticulously balances skill and persuasion. A proposal requires approximately 6- to 9-months of planning and writing prior to the submission (and possibly resubmission) to the supporter. Because grant proposals are highly competitive nature, it is imperative that the proposal is original and creative, show scientific merit, be innovative, literate, focused and well-organized. As broad-based physician-scientists who have achieved a deeper understanding of normal and obtuse functions of grant writing, we epitomize these mechanisms and apply them directly to your proposal to produce an integrated masterpiece.

The increasingly stringent demands of the grant reviewer present superfluous pressure on the writer. Choosing to collaborate with another scientist who shares the same goals, makes it possible to benefit from winning over the review. We are proud to have helped our clients obtain funding from their desired funding source(s) and get their research project(s) underway. Our experience in writing multiple types of winning grant proposals, across the research spectrum lends us the tenacity to write, edit and peer-review your grant proposal.

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