Data Management and Processing

Data collection and management is the most critical phase of the research project. The data management process begins with the implementation of regulatory compliant tools that best suit the specific aims and study design to generate high-quality, reliable and accurate data, otherwise known as the data management plan (DMP). The DMP describes the processes with respect to data entry, database design, tracking, quality control, discrepancy, and protection methods.

HM Healthcare Partners understands the importance of maintaining the integrity of captured data. We employ routine monitoring and audits via our quality assurance program to enhance the reliability, validity, and credibility of the data. After the data is collected, it is then synthesized and analyzed for statistical significance (or insignificance) using data processing software such as SPSS.

Our data management and processing services include:

  • biostatistics
  • sampling
  • statistics
  • sample size and power
  • quality control

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